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Kansas Bankruptcy Misconceptions

You cannot get credit again after bankruptcy.
A.  False.  You can start building your credit immediately after bankruptcy.  After bankruptcy is over creditors often look at you as a good credit risk because bankruptcy has elimated much if not all of your debt.  You are restricted in filing bankruptcy again and discharging any of your new debt for a period of time.  It might be six months before you can buy a new car after bankruptcy and it may be two years before you can buy a house after bankruptcy.

You have to be behind on your bills to file bankruptcy.
A. False.  The smart chapter 7 bankruptcy filer is the person who recognizes the financial problems facing them and takes action to file bankruptcy before its too late.

I cannot get rid of utility bills in bankruptcy.
A. False.  They are just like any other bills.

I will not be able to get utility service again.
A. False.  A public utility (like gas and water) cannot deny you service.

You lose all your property when file bankruptcy.
A. False.  Most, if not all of your property is exempt.  Meaning you can keep your home, car, household items and your retirement such as 401k or IRA.

I cannot include payday loans.
A. False.  They are just like any other debt.

If I list my doctor on the bankruptcy I cannot go back to that doctor.
A. False.  Most doctors understand and will continue to see you after bankruptcy.

I do not need a bankruptcy  lawyer to file bankruptcy.
A. True.  You do not need a bankruptcy lawyer to file bankruptcy.  You can file your own bankruptcy.  Also, you do not need a dentist to pull a bad tooth.  You can pull your own tooth.  The bankruptcy law is hundreds of pages.  Minor errors or omissions in a bankruptcy can cause serious problems.  Errors can cause your bankruptcy to be dismissed and debts never dischargeable in a future bankruptcy.

My credit score will drop way down when I file bankruptcy.
A. Maybe.  What is it at now?  Probably low or going lower.  Maybe it is good now.  Can you keep it up?  Modern bankruptcy is quite different from days of old.  Creditors realize that people out of bankruptcy are often the best credit risks.  After your bankruptcy is over we will advise you of the techniques of building your credit score.  We do this at no extra charge!  It is all part of our complete chapter 7 bankruptcy service.

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