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Bankruptcy Forms

Below are a list of common bankruptcy forms clients will routinely request copies.
Form Description
Initial Consultation An online form filled out before the first appointment.  You may also print this form.
Questionnaire Package This paperwork is provided to the client at their first appointment and is filled out prior to the second appointment.
Amendment Package Paperwork for clients who have filed a bankruptcy and need to add creditors.  The cost to amend is $150.00 plus the court required filing fee of $31.00.  The charge will be added to your bill if your account is in good standing with our office.  If not, you may be required to pay this fee before the amendment is processed.  If you are amending for a purpose other than to add an unsecured creditorr, call or email us for instructions at (316) 262-7696 or  Remember the debt must have been incurred prior to the date you filed your bankruptcy.

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