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Kansas Bankruptcy News

A monthly publication for the none bankruptcy lawyer prepared by The Law Office of Donald C Astle.
Date Title Format
Sep. 2013 "Kansas Bankruptcy Court Allows Debtors to Stack Homestead Exemption in Bankruptcy" pdf  html
Oct. 2013 "The Bankruptcy Debtor's Homestead is Always Exempt.  Right?  Wrong!" pdf  html
Nov. 2013 "You Can't Keep Your Boat in Bankruptcy.  Right?  Sometimes You Can!" pdf  html
Dec. 2013 "The 'Means Test'  What is it? How does it work?" pdf  html
Feb. 2014 "The 'Retainer' and 'Fee Advance' in Bankruptcy" pdf  html
Mar. 2014 "Earned Income Tax Credit" pdf  html
Apr. 2014 "Law v. Seigel, 571 U.S._________(March 4, 2014)" pdf  html
May 2014 "Property of the Bankruptcy Estate" pdf  html
Jul. 2014 "Clark v. Rameker, 573 U.S._________(2014)" pdf  html
Aug. 2014 "... More on Exemptions" pdf  html
Oct. 2014 “Front Loading” Spousal Maintenance and the “Means Test” pdf  html
Nov. 2014 "Spousal Maintenance is Exempt, Right?" pdf  html
Jan. 2015 "Earned Income Tax Credit" pdf  html
Feb. 2015 "It's Tax Refund Time" pdf  html
Apr. 2015 "The Out-of-State Exemption Dilemma...The Consternation Continues" pdf
May 2015 "The 'Retainer' vs. the 'Fee Advance'" pdf

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