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Please read the following frequently asked questions regarding filing bankruptcy.  The answers cover typical situations, but there can be exceptions.
1. How do I pick a bankruptcy lawyer?
  • Pick a firm that practices in bankruptcy and debt collection law. The Astle Law Office practices exclusively in bankruptcy.
  • You want to see the attorney -- not a secretary, paralegal, or "stand in" attorney. All your appointments will be with a bankruptcy lawyer -- the same attorney that will handle your case from beginning to end.
  • Are their total fees disclosed in writing at your first meeting? Are their fees published? We will give you a written fee contract at our first meeting. Also, our fee schedule is published on our web site.
  • Does the attorney represent big business or corporate clients? This office does not accept corporate or big business clients. We only accept individuals, like you. Your case won't be pushed aside or delayed for the big business client.

2. What is bankruptcy?
A.  It eliminates your debt, with some exceptions, and gives you a financial "fresh start".

3. So, there are some debts that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy?
A. Yes.  Generally taxes, student loans, and child support.

4. Do you offer a payment plan?
A. Yes.  This will be discussed at the initial appointment. 

5. If I decide to file bankruptcy, will I have to come to Wichita for anything?
A. Yes.  Generally you will have to come to Wichita, only one time, about a month after filing your bankruptcy.

6. I filed bankruptcy several years ago.  Can I file again?
A. Yes.  If it has been at least eight years since you last filed.  It could be earlier, depending on what type of bankruptcy you filed last time.

7. After filing bankruptcy, when can I get credit again?
A. Whenever a creditor will extend credit to you.  Typically, it will be about four to six months before you can get credit again.  It may be longer to buy an expensive car or home.

8. Do I need to get my credit report?
A. This is not necessary.  All we need is a complete list of all your debts.  However, a credit report may be helpful.  But remember, credit reports may not be complete and accurate.  One source for your credit report is:

Free Credit Report ONLINE: or call (877)322-8228

9. I want to consider bankruptcy.  What's next?
A. You may print out the Initial Consultation Form and send it in, or go online to fill it out.  You must have completed this form before we talk to you.

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